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Stolen from Tumblr:

So if “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is be believed, you can fiddle duel the devil for your soul. My question is, does it only work with fiddles, or any contest? Saxophone duel? Guitar shred-off? Can you challenge the devil to a rap battle when he comes for you?

Even though I play piano I want to see someone fight for their soul with the tuba.

The Devil went back to Georgia and his thoughts were dark and cold
That Johnny kid had screwed him and he still needed a soul.
When he came across this young man blowin’ on a tuba and playin’ hits
And the devil took one look and said “You know what? Fuck this shit.”

Jan. 1st, 2016

Happy New Year to all!
Love. Light and Laughter be yours.

Fred & Skippy
Fred's Fang

Hilt carved bu Phillip Montgomery.
Blade by Steven Bloom of Ironflower Forge.

 photo 20151220_105759_zpsqss5tgui.jpg
So. Think about the distance between light poles. Think about the distance covered by 4 of them. 2 lines of wires.
Now, cover all those wires with crows!

If a group of crows is a Murder… I think I saw a Massacre!
As I commented on a friend's Facebook:
The only stores that have Xmas stuff already should be Craft stores; and only because you need time to MAKE THE THINGS YOURSELF.

Fred wants you to know...

September 20 to 26 is Sea Otter Awareness Week, an annual event coordinated by Friends of the Sea Otter, a non-profit advocacy group protecting sea otters. From the event’s website:

Sea Otter Awareness Week falls on the last week in September and is an annual recognition of the vital role that sea otters play in the nearshore ecosystem. Each year, zoos, aquariums, natural history museums, marine institutions, filmmakers, researchers, academics, educators, and the public participate in various events and activities highlighting sea otters and their natural history and the various conservation issues sea otters are faced with.

Aug. 30th, 2015

Now forming off the coast of Africa… Tropical Storm FRED!
The construction crew is yelling at each other as I walk up to work this morning...
"It ain't easy, going through life with a name like Smallwood! And then you go and cut your hair like that... You ain't doing yourself any favors!"

Whatcha reading?

So, met a couple of friends and went to Zoominations at the Lowery Park Zoo. Lighted installations along the paths and various areas. Most made out of silk on frames and lit from within. The Kirin and the ball are all medicine bottles filled with colored water and wired into frames. Bottles about the size of my insulin bottles.
The Pagoda I shot just at sunset. I like the clouds.

 photo 20150506_200934_zpsmscbv16i.jpg

 photo 20150506_202212_zpsket0utye.jpg
Sometimes, you don't have the words. Life has hurt a friend and you don't know what to say. These Empathy Cards are fantastic. She has a lot of other good things in her shop as well.

Thank go out to TassieGal for showing me these.


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